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Who we are ?

Creation French Company located in Paris is French firm that provides overall and customized consulting to develop businesses in Francophone countries .

In order for corporation to do business with Francophone countries they need to know total knowledge of commercial law, tax, marketing, hiring, administration and law not to mention administrative, technical support. However most of executives who barely speak native language have problem finding where to start investment in local.

When founding company, make sure before the actual investment to know how much it will cost you to maintain and operate the company, the difficult lever of accessibility of employment and termination of employment, whether it is mandatory to hire employment and what is the requirements you to meet to get valid visa etc.

If there is business value but you don’t get enough support from local branch, then you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us, Biz Co. In Paris.

We provide the best consulting for you to open business regardless of whether you are small or big company. We also provide after-management-service.

Our role is to proceed toward the same goal together with you.

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